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Serious range of children's shoes
For parents, nothing is more important than the health, vitality and good mood child. Beautiful posture depends on the health of the feet, which is based on properly selected footwear. What should it be?
Deciding to buy children's shoes in the Ukraine, remember that you need not be based on fashion and comfort to your child. The fact that kids heel is much narrower than that in the place of fingers. That is why the socks must be wide enough to fingers could move freely. Narrow toe blood circulation, squeezing the soft tissue, and this affects the formation of the foot.
The size and comprehensiveness
Visit the online shop of children's shoes in the search for a matching pair, you need to choose the right product according to the size and fullness of the baby's legs. To correctly determine the size, measure the length of the foot. Put your feet on a piece of paper baby, circle them with a pencil. Measure the distance from the outermost finger to point at the heel. Using a special table, you will find it a good value and easy to choose the right size. In determining completeness, be aware that the value of the girth of the foot in the widest place forefoot. The correct definition of completeness is not less important than the right size selected. It is too narrow models violate the circulation, and do not give ample foot the necessary support. Some specimens are equipped with special Velcro that help adjust the desired fullness.
Looking through the catalog of children's shoes online, you will find models made from different materials. What are the most preferred? Leaders are quality leather or textiles. These materials eventually take the form of your child's feet and provide the necessary airflow, thereby reducing the risk of fungal diseases to a minimum. From synthetic materials should abandon, without hesitation. Such shoes for children creates the greenhouse effect and makes the muscles and ligaments of the foot weak. Today are becoming increasingly popular model with a special membrane that is breathable.
From the sole of the material depends on the ease of the model, and hence the comfort of movement of the baby. The sole should be a tough, resilient and always corrugated to avoid slipping. The high-quality model, it is made of polyurethane or rubber, which are perfect bend, repeating the movement of the foot. As for the method of fixing, it is now accepted not use bonding and welded to the top. This allows the shoe to withstand the most active load.
High-quality children's shoes, the price of which is located in Kiev, within reasonable limits, must be of high and closing ankle backdrop. It must be very hard to maintain and keep up around the heels. If the heel is soft and easy to bend, from the purchase should refuse, because no fixing this model does not guarantee.


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