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Children's tights


Probably most adults remember as a child being forced to wear pantyhose. The sight of it was not for the faint of heart: strange colors, hanging knees and scratchy material. However, the choice at the time was not particularly, no one, so worn that we had. For the children of the 21st century such stories might seem fantastic, because today the situation is completely different. Socks, hosiery industry affects a variety of models and colors. So let's start with a choice.
What made
For children's tights one of the most popular material is cotton. This is perfect for every day. Natural material provides comfort and protects against allergic reactions and irritation to the skin. Moreover, the models of cotton - the most common in Ukraine and buy them in the cellar. But even here there are drawbacks. The fact that cotton is without admixture of synthetic materials wear out quickly and stretched the word lose their shape. To avoid this, the producers of the tights for children add a bit of spandex, it significantly increases the life of the product even with the active operation. So if you want your child to wear new clothes as long as possible, and at the same time it has retained the beautiful appearance, is to buy products in Kiev with a small percentage of synthetics. Of course, when you buy, be sure to pay attention to the label.
The size and season
With such an important point, as the material of children's tights, we understand. However, this is not the only criterion for selection. It is important to purchase a product, the respective season. In winter, it is best to give preference wool and terry models. To avoid tearing the product and not wiped after a few days socks, choose instances in which the percentage of wool more than 50%. In the opinion of the parents, it is such a model are the most durable. For summer perfect delicate products made of microfiber or cotton. Price in Kiev available to them, so that you can buy several pairs. Also seasonality is very important correctly choose the size. In this case, it is not necessary to make purchases for growth. The child will be irritated and nervous, constantly pulling slipping knees. Therefore, strict compliance with the size is necessary.
For young fashionistas
In 2014, drawings patterns and colors are so amazing and diverse that it is not only kids, but adults will be amazed. Floral prints, geometric patterns and even pictures of favorite cartoon characters - the delight there is no limit! Choose desired option, you will be able to viewing photos in the catalogs. By the way, the boys, too, will not go away - they will be pleased with the football-themed socks, planes and cars. Buy children's tights online store - it is profitable and convenient. You save a few percent off the regular price, so more and you can make a purchase without leaving home right now!


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