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Children's watches


Children's watches is to buy at least in order to teach a child from infancy to navigate in time!
For kids quite naturally imitate their parents and peers in kindergarten and strive to be like them, even in small things. It is not surprising if at some point you son or daughter will be asked to watch "how the Pope" or similar to those seen in the crumb of his friend. You should not deny him such a request, the more that this accessory can not be called just a toy: it performs educational and training role. Small wrist watch allow to teach a child to navigate in time and introduced him to the figures.
Fortunately, this accessory is now available to customers of all income levels. Today it does not put labor to buy children's watches in Ukraine, or to find a suitable design for the price and model outlets in Kiev and other cities. The main thing to consider when choosing not only the functionality of a particular variant and taste of the future owner.
What watch choose: electronic or mechanical?
Watch for children, however, as a model for adults, there are quartz and mechanical. They are characterized by an energy source, providing the mechanism. In the first case, this role is performed by the battery (battery), which must be replaced periodically. The mechanical models of this role is a spiral spring. When it unwinds, need to watch factory. What other aspects besides the type of mechanism, it is necessary to take into account when choosing an accessory for your baby?
· The material from which the strap is made. The best option would be to textile bracelet or silicone. Children are active, moving a lot and play, and a strap consisting of a series-connected units, can simply not withstand such intensive use.
· Well, if the dial is protected by an acrylic glass. It is much stronger than plastic, and if damaged shatters into small fragments, which do not hurt the baby.
· Choosing a watch for a child it is especially important to remember about the design. Kids especially will appreciate the model, decorated with images of favorite characters and finished in bright colors. Without a doubt, with the accessory crumbs do not want to leave for a long time!
Do you want to please a son or daughter, but a busy schedule leaves no time for shopping? Internet shop of children's hours allow parents from Kiev and other cities to buy this accessory online, spending just a few minutes. Call to monitor your little fashionista or fashionistas together choose a suitable model in every respect - and within a few days, your baby will be able to try on the watch in reality!


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