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Surely, every parent is willing to pay the highest price for the fact that their child has grown capable, smart and development. Procedures of the early development is now becoming more popular. Scientists have proven that the more active the baby fingers acts, the sooner he starts talking. And in order to speed up this process, you can use educational games.
We come to know the world through the game
Educators and psychologists recommend to start active training fingers child since the age of eight months. But do not forget that all the new kids learn through play. It is important that the games were well matched for age. For children who turned one year old, a great option would be a variety of finger games or constructors with small details.
General rules
With the game can not only teach your child to share and to give, and to insist on. Help in this game for two or more children. No one knows your child better than you do, so you do need to define and understand the complexity of the task, whether the kid will cope with them. After all, children need to feel that what he was doing, it turns out well. Online stores offer a wide selection of games for boys and girls of different ages. Why are there only: designers, magnetic alphabet, puzzles, creativity kits, various board games. By the way, they approach older guys, help develop logic, memory and attention.
Playing on the floor
It is no coincidence in the ranking of popular children's favorite toys are outdoor games. Most children like to play crazy on the floor. You can enjoy the spaciousness not restrict movement, and it's much more fun than sitting at the table. Buy this game you can in any store in Kiev and other cities. Of course, these games require space, so choosing a favorite, consider the size of the room. And remember, the mind, talent and ability of your child can not be bought, can only be thoroughly and with the soul engaged in its development, then positive results will not take long to wait.


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