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Household chemicals


Surely every woman wants her house was free from germs, fragrant and shining purity. A few decades ago, our mothers and grandmothers treated folk remedies for washing, dishwashing, care tiles, furniture and so on. Modern hostess comes to the rescue household chemicals, which judging by the advertising promises ready to wash, wash, bring to light in a matter of seconds.
Panacea you?
Today, visiting the online store, or by going to the Department of products for the home in the near supermarket, we can see that civilization has leaped forward. On sale there are various air fresheners, fabric softener powders, dishwashing detergent, bath, plates that actually make our house cleaner. But lately, more and more we are reminded that these assistants may not be entirely safe.
Focus on packaging
In Kiev, there are entire environmental services that monitor the production of chemicals and test them for safety. That it is the main criterion for choosing a detergent. Before you buy something or other means, which promises to "lasting fragrance" or "frosty freshness", you should carefully read the label. Chlorine, phosphates, surfactants (SAS) - all this should not be there. In addition, the low price of household chemicals should arouse suspicion - which means that the production technology may have been compromised or used as low-quality raw materials.
Save wisely
If you want to save so much, becoming more concentrated funds because they lack much longer. Thus, instead of two or three bottles, for example, agents for tableware, you can use one successfully for several months. Buy household chemicals wholesale in Ukraine is also quite profitable, but the choice must be done in favor of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers.


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