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Lenovo Ideacenter Stick 300


Lenovo officially introduced microcomputer Ideacenter Stick 300

Lenovo has announced the microcomputer in the form factor «HDMI-dongle" - a model called Ideacenter Stick 300. The device is connected to the monitor via the connector HDMI.
Novelty is based on the platform Intel Baytrail Z3735F with quad-core processor and is equipped with 2 GB of RAM. The capacity of the built-in storage is 32 GB expandable through microSD-cards. Ideacenter Stick 300 supports wireless technology Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11n, also has a Micro USB connector and HDMI. The device will come with pre-installed Windows 8. Of course, after the release of the final version of Windows 10 will be issued the appropriate update.
Thus, Ideacenter Stick from Lenovo is able to turn any monitor into a full-fledged PC. Of course, the most demanding programs are unlikely to start, but for a basic set of tasks Ideacenter Stick should be quite enough. Dimensions microcomputer constitute 100h38h15 mm. Lenovo Ideacenter Stick 300 should appear on sale soon.


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