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Men's jewelry


"Proper" Male jewelery accentuate masculinity of its owner and will help to create an individual style!
Of course, men can not be attributed to the devout fans of jewelry, to assemble the entire collection. But even a few accessories they not only hurt, but will create a personalized, unique style. What kind of jewelry would be appropriate for the stronger sex?
· Chains (with and without pendants).
· Bracelets.
· Pendants.
The above listed items do not contain a functional load and perform a purely decorative function - that is, they are, in the truest sense of the word, is decorated with its owner. In addition, the dress code, men are appropriate accessories: tie clips, cuff links, and so on.
Simple rules that will help you choose a suitable decoration
Accessories must not only fashionable, but also relevant, stressing the individuality and good taste of its owner. Today, men buy jewelry in Ukraine is not difficult: in shops of Kiev and other cities represented a huge variety of products. But that does not look like a parody of a rapper from head to toe hung with jewelry, or Arab sheikh, the choice of jewelry should follow a few simple rules. which ones?
· Do not wear a costume jewelery products from different color metals. Or gold or silver - choose one thing.
· Remember that even expensive jewelry only relevant images in the style of casual. They can be easily worn to a party or a meeting with friends, but at the office they will not be out of place. An exception to this rule, only one - a wedding ring.
· Jewelry for men should be combined with items of clothing. Well, if the metal elements are in harmony with the color of the belt buckle.
A few words about fashion trends, or that relevant today?
In the world of jewelery production has its own trends, and they are constantly changing. Today is especially popular bracelets and pendants, which combines leather with metal and enamel inserts. Similar decorations "mark" in the collections of famous brands and have received recognition from celebrities and politicians.
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