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Samsung has introduced a new headset In-Ear Fit


Samsung has introduced a new headset In-Ear Fit

This year, together with its new flagship Galaxy S6 and Samsung released a new headset that included the smartphone. But now the manufacturer has declared that these headphones can be purchased separately
The headset is called In-Ear Fit, which looks similar to the well-known steel EarPods from Apple. The developers say that the establishment of In-Ear Fit special attention was paid in the first place sound quality and comfort of using headphones. Thus it was created a headset that combines elements of the headphone and open, and channel types. Samsung says that even if the duty listening to music users will not feel discomfort, which often face, using headphones channel type.
New Headset In-Ear Fit addition to the traditional white and will be available in blue, black and red versions. Headphones should be on sale soon.


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