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Swimsuit - irreplaceable thing in the summer. Someone who likes to acquire several options, so you can alternate between them depending on the occasion and mood, well, someone has opted for a decent option that meets all requirements. Some purchase expensive expectation to change them every season. Well, someone carefully looks at pictures in catalogs, in order to select the option you want and go to the boutiques in search of him. In any case, all united by the same desire to look beautiful and feel comfortable.
Mask the imperfections
For women in most cases, their imperfect figure appears. Confused little or conversely too large bust, narrow or wide shoulders, short stature, and so on. Before you go to the store, it is better to examine critically the body, because knowing about the shortcomings easier to choose the perfect swimsuit. So visually enlarge small breasts can help the bodice with a seal, as well as options strapless massive décor. Coping with the opposite problem, help bra straps which are tied or fastened at the neck. Well, if they will be fairly broad in order to maintain a tight chest. Women's swimsuits online shop are in different sizes, so, whatever you did not have the volume, there is always a suitable option. Broad girls can buy in Kiev model with V-neck, shoulders and visually reduces emphasizing breast. Well, if you have broad shoulders, then pay attention to the bodice with straight straps and a shallow cut. You can also play with colors. The top should be light or with understated pattern and the bottom on the contrary dark and monochromatic. For women with a curvy hips fit model with a skirt, perfectly concealing this deficiency. Also, to help cope with the problem of panties in vertical stripes. Low girls who want to visually lengthen the leg and add a few centimeters of growth, fit models with high-cut on the hips. Buying at an affordable price in Kiev perfectly suitable model, you make a worthy purchase, which will decorate your holiday.
Winning color
If the type of women's swimsuit chosen correctly, you should not think that it's done completely. The important role played by the color of the selected product. Many believe that the most advantageous is considered white, he allegedly set off the beautiful tan and emphasizes the beauty of the skin. However, this is not true. At the beginning of the season, our skin is far from perfect, and tan is not yet a full-bodied, as we would like. Therefore, white leotard can play with you a malicious joke, stressing that what to look for is not worth it. Another leader - blue and all its shades. The color of the sea and sky perfectly many girls, especially blue-eyed blonde. In combination with a tan, blue color looks amazing. But as for the successful disguise flaws, it is better to buy in Ukraine multicolored patterns that in this sense are considered more preferable.


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