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Men love with their eyes, this has been known for a long time. His admiration of women they do not hide their feet. Women know this, in turn, try to make legs more attractive, for example by means of tights.

Divide by type

In the Ukraine, Poland and Belarus manufacture hosiery is at a high level, offering ladies a sufficient number of choices. Thus, the classic model - a black corporal, transparent products that women have long become familiar and firmly settled in the locker room. Corrective - thanks to a solid shorts, they are good for slimming the waist, buttocks and thighs, short, ideally adjusted figure. Decorative or fancy - is a look at the photo in shops such stockings, and you immediately realize that they are made for you. They can be laced with fabric inserts, lace or mesh elements. This is perfect for a bold image. Medical tights have a compression effect, they are recommended to wear varicose veins, venous insufficiency and other diseases. Get them only after consultation with a specialist, and do it better in specialized health stores, where prices are much lower.


To tights worn long and gives you a comfort, choose the size carefully. It depends on the height, weight and volume of the hips even. Dimensions from the first to the sixth listed in the table on the packaging make it easy to select. Buy in Kiev and other cities can be quite different models that are suitable for this or that clothes, the main thing that the purchase was a pleasant and comfortable!


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