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We use them every day in the bathroom and in the kitchen without them simply can not do. You may have guessed that we are talking about towels. This is essential thing in every home, the little things that create comfort in general. Large and small, colorful and plain, they are always at hand. If you take them out of use, it quickly becomes evident rather after the first washing your hands or taking a shower.
The number and appointment
It would be naive to believe that life can do one set, which is suitable for all occasions. Let's try to calculate what is the number of towels will be optimal. Large-sized shower and sauna for small hands, feet and face, for guests, several beach models for the kitchen, and, of course, a few children. This impressive list and continue, it all depends on your preference and the number of family members.
Today on sale there are many models made from different materials such as linen, cotton, bamboo, which can be purchased both wholesale and retail. It is important that the product consisted entirely of natural materials, while the absorption of moisture will be one hundred percent. Synthetics worse absorbs moisture, and feels less pleasant. Today, a huge popular bath towels, has undeniable advantages. Gentle pile pleasant softness envelops the body, such models look attractive and provide good care for a long time. Buy in Ukraine can be almost anywhere, but avoid shopping at markets and stores suspicious. When shopping in specialty stores, you buy a good thing that will last long. The temptation to buy cheap can turn frustration from buying low-quality goods.
Main characteristics
Deciding to buy essential items for the bathroom or kitchen, you go to an online store or a store of home textiles. What you need to know to make a good buy? Pay attention to the basic characteristics: absorbency, softness and density of the pile. The optimal length of the pile - 5 mm. Density often indicate on the label. Absorption is dependent on cotton-producing countries: the best are Egypt and Pakistan. In Kiev, the price of such products is acceptable, but making a purchase via the Internet is also beneficial.
Wash and care
To purchase please you and your household not only in appearance but also longevity, you need to know the basic rules of care. Washing is recommended before first use. This will help to make much more soft and fluffy in the further operation. For subsequent washes, use gentle treatment at a temperature of not more than 60 degrees. And as for the kitchen towels, which are generally more contaminated than the bathroom, they can be washed at higher temperatures using a chlorine-free bleach.

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