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Seasoned travelers know that how well the campaign will take place depends on many factors, chief among them - a good camping equipment. In the selection process no trifles, because of its quality depends not only your comfort in the journey, but, perhaps, life.
The main features of quality
Let's start with the most important - with the price. Really good equipment can not be cheap, because the cost of a product in itself is quite high. So in this case, do not try to save money. If you are not yet very experienced traveler, remember a few basic rules of selection of tourist equipment. All textile products, such as a tent, backpack, sleeping bag or clothes should be made from durable, waterproof fabric, it is desirable to retain heat. Good reputation won the Western brands, but in Ukraine there is a decent producers. All metal parts such as hooks should be made of stainless steel, or their reliability can be little doubt.
No mat - anywhere
Even if you go in not a very long trek without mat you can not do. On sale there are different versions, but five is what you should pay attention to? In the folded dimensions, weight, degree of thermal insulation. In the online stores often presents models of materials such as foam, izolon. These materials provide excellent thermal insulation, meaning that even winter hiking you are not afraid. Buy camping equipment today is quite simple. The main thing is strict about quality, as well as to understand exactly what you need and for what purposes. In Kiev and other cities, there are many shops that will gladly open their doors and help in the selection. Rest comfortably and safely!


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