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Women's Fragrances


Perfumers to some extent the real magician. After making a huge amount of work and conjuring over odors, they surprise, delight and excite women around the world. You may not know who worked on your scent, but notes it will never forget. Perhaps this is precisely one of the hidden mysteries of perfume.
Happy fragrance
Despite the fact that many young people regard the fair sex is quite moody, in fact, a woman to be happy you need quite a bit. The new bottle of perfume always lift your spirits and make the lady a little happier. Looking through the catalog of female spirits in search of something new, you can see how many familiar smells, and a number of new, hitherto unexplored flavors you. Make a choice, pointing into the first - not the best move. Let's come to the choice of perfume as an art form.
What's outside the window?
Women's Fragrances, buy in online store which now is very simple, you can turn a head in its diversity. But despite the fact that it would be desirable to buy everything at once, it is not necessary to hurry up, because the choice of fragrance depends on many factors, one of which - the time of year. Unfortunately, on this nuance forget a lot of girls. Intense aromas with spicy bitterness, musk, sandalwood, woody and oriental notes, suitable for autumn and winter, when so want to heat, security and comfort. However, this smell will be out of place in the warm season, especially in spring when the violence of the natural flavors of the hardest. Floral, citrus, sea - these are the perfumes are perfect for the summer months, but do not overdo it. A few drops of perfume is enough. Do not forget that each person has a natural body odor, which in the summer is particularly enhanced. A mixture of expensive perfume with the smell of sweat - it will agree not the best combination.
What determines the resistance?
Fragrance for women in Ukraine is represented in many different flavors, resistance which is truly amazing. So for what it depends on? First, the percentage of aromatic extract. The brand of luxury perfumes it is 15 to 30%, in perfumed water - 10-20%, in a toilet water - up to 10%. That is why some odor can stay on the body up to ten hours and remain on even after washing things, and some disappears in two to three hours. Secondly, the nature of fragrance is also important. Fresh, as we have said, summer scent evaporates faster than, for example, heavy east, the ability to keep the skin for more than 8 hours. You'd be surprised, but even the humidity can affect the stability of the spirits. At high humidity all the flavors are softened and become more sensitive.
In search of the original
Buying women's perfume, the price in Kiev, which ranges in different limits, so eager to get hold of really high-quality product. For this purpose we see, for example, packaging. Most bona fide manufacturers pay special attention to it. Packaging film, wound almost in several layers, cardboard poor quality razmyvchataya print image - all this should alert you and strictly indicate a fake. Internet shop of perfumes for women - is a guarantee, your purchase will be of high quality and will bring only positive emotions!


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